RockSat-X 2014

Modified Aperture cover and Virtual Reality EXperiment (MAVREX)

The payload consists of 3 experiments. One is to test deployment of the Space Pressure Sensor (SPS) Aperture Cover Release Mechanism (SPS ACRM) (PI: Dr. Gregory Earle). The second payload utilized an Optical Nitric Oxide Sensor (ONS) for NO concentration data collection at high altitudes (PI: Dr. Scott Bailey). The third payload records panoramic video of flight for virtual reality simulation (in partnership with A.I. Solutions, Inc.).

Payload Pictures

Mission Specifications

Payload and Mission Specifications
Spec. Value Unit
Weight 30.00 Pounds
Radius 10.625 Inches
Power 8.80 Watts
Current 0.85 Amps
Voltage +28.0 Volts
Flight Cost 27,500 U.S. Dollars