RockSat-X 2016

Software Defined Radio

The goal of this mission is to demonstrate the capability of software defined radio (SDR) in space communication applications by transmitting between the RockSat-X sounding rocket and the Virginia Tech Ground Station (VTGS) in Blacksburg, VA. The packets transmitted contain gyroscopic, acceleration, pressure, and temperature data collected aboard the payload. This mission is a proof of concept for low-cost and highly flexible transceivers for spacecraft.

Payload Pictures

Mission Specifications

Mission Specifications
Spec. Value Unit
Weight 15 Pounds
Power 14.5 Watts
Flight Cost 20,350 U.S. Dollars
Altitude 150 kilometers
Transmission Window 160 Seconds

Link Specifications

Link Specifications
Spec. Value Unit
Modulation Type BPSK
Center Frequency 2395 MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 187.5 kHz
Bit Rate 125 kbps
Average Power 10 dBm
Maximum Power 12 dBm

Flight Data